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We ONLY deliver in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto.

If you live outside of this area, Shopify will still take your money, and we'll all have to waste our time making sure it gets back to you. If you live outside of our normal delivery area, but still want to order, please contact us before you shop to make special arrangements, otherwise our order will be cancelled and you will be charged a 5% restocking fee.


We deliver to Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto


The following delivery protocols will be in effect from May 1st, 2022 and will remain in effect until further notice. It may from time to time be updated based on any directives received from the Provincial or Municipal authorities.

Drivers will place plants at the entrance to the purchaser’s household, following to the best to their ability, the instructions provided. Our drivers reserve the right to refuse delivery if they suspect an unsafe environment.

For clarity the following is the procedure which Plants in the City will follow when making a delivery:

Our delivery system is intended to be conactless, we do not ring the doorbell and we only deliver to the porch or the driveway.

The driver will park at the home of the purchaser.

The driver and their assistant will unload the plants and place them at the entrance of the purchaser’s home.

The driver will take a picture of the delivered plants to confirm delivery of the merchandise and wil leave a packing slip with the plants.

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