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We ONLY deliver in Toronto and Mississauga.

If you live outside of this area, Shopify will still take your money, and we'll all have to waste our time making sure it gets back to you. If you live outside of our normal delivery area, but still want to order, please contact us before you shop to make special arrangements.



We would like to advise you of our Customer Delivery Action Plan which will be effective May 1st, 2020 and will remain in effect until further notice. It may from time to time be updated based on any directives received from the Provincial or Municipal authorities. We are all aware of the global outbreak of Covid19 and we  take precautions to help protect everybody, and stop further spread of the virus, throughout our communities and our nursery.

Our staff and drivers are trained in proper hygiene protocols and practice social distancing. We ask that all customers at delivery sites respect the rules we have put in place to protect both you and our staff. Our drivers reserve the right to refuse delivery if they suspect an unsafe environment.

We apologize for any inconvenience these procedures may cause you. It is our hope that we may continue to supply you with plant material, and we promise to do so to the best of our ability. We all need to support each other through this crisis, and we want you to know that we're here to provide you the best experience possible, so please contact us via email should you have any concerns with respect to our protocol.

Drivers will place plants at the entrance to the purchaser’s household, following to the best to their ability, the instructions provided

For clarity the following is the procedure which Plants in the City will follow when making a delivery:

The driver will park at the home of the purchaser.

The driver and their assistant will unload the plants and place them at the entrance of the purchaser’s home.

The driver will take a picture of the delivered plants to confirm delivery of the merchandise.

The driver and their assistant will return to their truck and close the door.

Only when all staff are back in their truck may the purchaser open the door to their home to view plants. The purchaser may not approach either the driver or the truck. And for example, the driver is not authorized to speak to the purchaser, even through the truck window.

Under no circumstances will the driver or her assistant touch any door handle, doorbell, gate or fence enclosure at the purchaser’s residence. The driver at their discretion may refuse delivery at any location should such physical interaction be necessary in order to complete the delivery.

The driver at their discretion may refuse delivery at any location which requires their direct interaction with the customer, or their designated representative.

Customers may not enter or approach the delivery vehicle at any time.

Our drivers and employees will wear gloves when handling your plants however we recommend that apart from watering your plants you avoid handling the pots for at least 48 hours after delivery. Like anything that you take delivery of these days, your plants will have passed through a number of hands prior to their arrival at your door.

For the immediate future we would ask that you limit all contact with Plants in the City to the use of email or phone contact. In order to keep both you and our staff safe we will not allow any face to face contact or conversation with our staff.


Drivers will disinfect the truck at the beginning and end of each shift. This practice shall include but not limited to the door handles, armrests and interior dash and steering wheel of the vehicle.

The driver will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the vehicle is always cleaned prior to another employee taking possession of the vehicle or working in the vehicle.

The driver at the end of each shift will dispose of all refuge from the day including any used cleaning products.

All cleaning products, waste disposal bags and gloves will be supplied to the driver and employees, these products will be kept in the truck at all times.

The driver will complete the log daily with respect to completing the cleaning protocol which shall include the date indicating that the cleaning has taken place.

Teams will be limited to two workers and when possible, these workers will come from shared households so as to exercise best practices with respect to social distancing.

When making deliveries the teams will do all that is possible to limit their exposure to each other when in the vehicle and will not share any tools or beverages when at work.

All employees shall continue to take all necessary precautions outside of the workday with respect to social distancing and will immediately report any potential exposure to illness which they may have experienced.

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