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Lavender in our Truck

About Our Store

Welcome to Plants in the City your online access to over 1000 locally grown perennials. The same great quality and selection you have been buying at your local nursery, which unfortunately has probably closed in recent years. In creating Plants in the City, we have foregone the expensive real estate and you won’t have to worry about parking, finding a cart or standing in line. We will deliver the same beautiful perennials you are accustomed to buying, directly to your front door. We are not mailing you a plant in a box, or a bare root in a bag, but we are leaving a plant, which was Ontario grown, right at your door, ready for you to slip into your garden and enjoy.

Look to us for a huge selection of plants, over 100 hostas, a fabulous selection of daylilies in all imaginable colours and a large selection of native plants and everything to create a pollinator garden. And much, much more, all our plants are ready to go. We are your local store, we live just around the corner, but you'll find us on the web. We look forward to delivering perennials to you soon, in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto,  direct from the farm to your home.

Who We Are

Chaz Morenz


I certainly began life in the garden, toddling along behind my grandfather whose idea of gardening was way ahead of his time, or perhaps just really, really, old-fashioned. We composted, and mulched, and watered deeply, and didn’t turn soil unnecessarily, and had a wonderful garden full of flowers and vegetables. I learned the quiet joy of nurturing plants and the beauty of nature. This continued with the huge gardens that my father planted at each of his homes as he traveled through life, and, finally to my own first home and garden. That all seems many years ago and was a great hobby and interest.

In a detour from gardening and landscaping, I ended up at IBM for 12 years in the research lab writing and testing software. At IBM I was exposed to business processes, and managing schedules and budgets, and learned to dislike the inefficiencies of huge corporations. After raising my children, I looked for a second career that would use my organizational skills, and, also get me away from a desk. All my gardening background came back to me and I started studying in earnest to be a really professional landscaper. I studied residential landscape design and horticulture at Humber College. Shortly afterward, Gardens in the City Inc. started taking on clients both for new landscape design, and garden maintenance.

Now, my focus is on helping homeowners learn to create and care for their own gardens. As a natural extension of that business we have now founded Plants in the City in order to supply gardens and gardeners in Toronto and Mississauga with beautiful and healthy plants so that they too can make their gardening dreams a reality.

Margaret Hamilton


Once upon a time I wanted to be a doctor, like Dr. Kildare, or Marcus Wellby, or Meredith Grey. But well, life intervened and I became a lawyer instead. For many years, in Montreal, I practiced family law in a small boutique firm that offered quality client care and a friendly “we can fix this” attitude. After the kids came along, I spent several years teaching law which was more about helping students find their path than teaching them torts or insolvency law. And then life intervened again, and I found myself, with my family, transplanted to Toronto. I spent the first few years here getting the family dug in here and finding friends and neighbourhoods. It left me lots of time to indulge in my other loves, dock sitting, reading, cooking, swimming and more recently stained glass design.

But since I believe that life is all about the opportunity to grow and flourish, I sought to reinvent myself once again. I turned back to my roots, looking to what I enjoy and what I excel at. I love to help people, I love beautiful things, I love to be outside and I love to shop locally. So all rolled into one, a new online store providing a service to people in my neighbourhood seemed like a natural fit for me. I can apply the same people skills along, my love of helping out, with my on-time delivery service, learned from driving my teens and their friends these past few years, to a new and innovative business. With the creation of Plants in the City we look forward to serving you and your gardening needs so that your gardening dreams will grow and flourish.