We deliver to Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto.

Here are answers to some common questions.

1. Do you deliver to my area?

If you live in Toronto or Brampton or Mississauga you are golden. You can look at the map above. Outside these areas would require special arrangements. You can contact our office directly at info@plantsinthecity.ca to inquire about the cost of delivery. Please note that if you order from outside of our delivery area without making prior arrangements, you order will be cancelled and you will be charged a 5% restocking fee. So, please, just contact us before you order.

2. How does it work?

Plants in the City is an online nursery. You pick the plants you want from the website, and we deliver them directly to your home. Couldn't be easier, really.

3. Where do the plants come from?

The plants are grown locally in Ontario. They come from some of the same family operated greenhouses and farms you have dealt with in the past through Plant World or similar retail outlets. Our suppliers have tried and true reputations and we have bought with confidence from them for years.

4. Do I have to be at home to receive my plants?

No, you only require a street address. We will leave your plants on your porch or the edge of your driveway. Our delivery service does not include taking your plants into your back or side yard. And, we leave the fun of planting them to you.

5. I live in a condo. Can I still shop with you?

Plants tend to be messy, so we only deliver plants to an outside location. So, if your condo has a front porch, you are good. We will not leave plants with a concierge or doorman. Again, if you have a solution to offer us, contact us at info@plantsinthecity.ca and we'll see if we can make it happen. Perhaps it is as easy as a friend or relative with a porch just waiting for your plants. Please note that someone must be present to receive the plants from our driver on the streetside of your building.

6. Can I pay by cheque?

All payments are made at the time of ordering and through the website. So, sorry, no. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

7. I saw a plant in a magazine. Do you have it?

Our online nursery has over 1000 quality perennials available. If what you saw is not on our list, then we can try to find it for you. The plants we have are tried and true for most of our region, Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton, so it is possible what you are looking for is only for a warmer locale or a different growing season. Also, we only supply perennial plants. It could be you are looking for an annual. But, we will be happy to try and organize a special order. Drop us a note at info@plantsinthecity.ca and we will get back to you.

8. What if I don't like what I ordered?

You can see our full return policy on our policy page. We will mention, however, that the plants you order are seasonal, so perhaps not in bloom yet. You will probably need to plant and wait for the bloom season to get the full impact of your purchase. There are no refunds for plants purchased by mistake or error, so please read the details provided with each listing to ensure you are ordering just the right thing for your garden.

9. What size will my plant be?

All the plants you receive from us will be planted in soil, we do not deliver bare root stock or bulbs. The website will indicate whether you have ordered a 1 liter, 1 gallon, or 2 gallon size. Some plants, such as ground covers, come in individual small pots, we will only deliver these plants by the tray. A tray is either 15 plants in 10cm pots, or 18 plants in 9cm pots. Some products are available as a tray of 10 plants in 10cm pots, and those are described in their description. Check out our Photos Page to see plants we have delivered recently.

10. When can I expect my delivery?

Our delivery routes will not take us past your house every day, but we will personally deliver every plant in your order. You can expect your plant within 5 to 7 days of ordering except for early spring, when due to the volume of orders the delivery time may be longer. For environmental reasons, we try to only pick up plants and deliver once the truck is full. Therefore we cannot promise to deliver on a specific day. We will advise you by email the day of your delivery and will send you an email confirming the delivery.

11. I want to order now but am going away. Can I delay my delivery?

Yes. On the order page there is a spot to give us specific instructions for delivery timing. Again, you can pick a week during which you will receive your delivery.

12. Can you work with my contractor to get the plants I want?

Yes, we are more than happy to work directly with your contractor and will provide a quote for a volume discount.

13. I am putting in a brand new garden. Can you help me on price and timing of delivery?

We are more than happy to quote on a whole garden delivery,and arrange a timed delivery. We do offer a volume discount for orders of $600. Please contact us directly at info@plantsinthecity.ca for the discount code.

14. I am new to gardening and don't know where to start. Can you help me?

If you require assistance with garden design or garden coaching, you can contact our parent company: info@gardensinthecity.ca where our lead horticulturist and garden designer will be happy to work with you.

15. Will I get everything at once?

Sometimes when we arrive at the suppliers they do not have what you ordered or we are unsatisfied with the quality which they are able to supply. In these limited circumstances that portion of your order will be cancelled and your money refunded. We will notify you by email if this occurs. Because of logistics, these decisions need to be made on the spot, and are ours alone, and final. Please contact us before re-ordering the plants to ensure it goes smoothly for you.

16. If you are unable to get the plants I order, will you bring me something else?

We will never make a substitution on your behalf, as we can't know your plans for the plants. We will contact you prior to delivery to let you know if some plants are unavailable and to discuss any substitutions offered by our suppliers.

17. My plant seems smaller than expected?

That's for one of two reasons. Plants start out small and grow bigger as the season progresses. You may have ordered a plant that was dormant over the winter so it is just getting started or was planted early this spring so it is not in bloom or fully grown yet. Once planted and cared for by you it will grow to its full potential.

Secondly, occasionally when we go to the farm to pick up the plants you ordered, the size you ordered will not be available or we don't like the quality of the size you ordered. In that instance, we will deliver to you the same plant in a different size. If it is the smaller size, we will credit your account the difference. If it is a larger size, we will not charge you more and it will be your happy day.

Please note that not all plants are available all season, as some may be dormant and we prefer not to deliver a pot of dirt. Please refer to the notes with the individual plants.

18. Should I water my plants?

Your plants will be watered on the day we deliver it to you. Upon delivery we encourage you to test your plants for dryness and water them, especially if it has been a hot day. We also recommend you water every day until planting. It is best to store your plants in the shade until you can plant them. Plants thrive best in the ground, so avoid delay.

19. Why should I shop at Plants in the City?

Quality and convenience. We will supply you with the same great quality plants you have been buying at your local, drive to, find a cart, stand in line, nursery, without the drive to, stand in line part of the experience. The only cart you need to find is on the upper right-hand side of our website. Try us. We are sure you will enjoy our farm to your door service.

If this didn't answer your question, please drop us a line at info@plantsinthecity.ca