Customer Feedback

Some pictures of our plants, and some feedback from our customers.

Healthy Vibrant Plants

We get our plants from a premier wholesale growers. They come straight from the farm. So they are in tip top condition.

Flats of Groundcovers

Bursting with life.

Picking up plants at the farm

Our growers are AMAZING! All through the season they have supply of gorgeous healthy plants.

Native plants don't have to be tiny on arrival

This is a Liatris, Agastache, and New England Aster we deliverd in June 2021
Phlox paniculata Backlight PW Garden Phlox Image Credit: Chaz Morenz 20240625

Phlox paniculata Backlight

White phlox is stunning in a night garden!
Echinacea purpurea Pow Wow Wildberry Cone Flower Image Credit: Chaz Morenz 20240625

Pow Wow Indeed

Newer cultivars of cone flower that are smaller and fit well in urban gardens.

We will bring your plants to your house

No extra packaging, and certainly no shipping. We handle your plants ourselves and bring them to your house.

We get our plants on racks from our supplier

Don't worry, they are packed more carefully than it would seem at first glance.

I think this client likes PINK

We love seeing what plants people choose to put together in their gardens!

If you need a lot of one plant, contact us.

We'll be happy to confirm availability in advance.
Geum triflorum Avens  Image Credit: Chaz Morenz 20240518

Unusual Plants?

We have over 1200 different perennials. That's just what we have on the website.

Special Orders

If you can't find what you are looking for, just ASK. We are always happy to check with our suppliers for even more plants.