This is an invasive species. Give us a call for advice on alternatives.

Vinca minor Periwinkle

A slightly aggressive evergreen groundcover with periwinkle blue flowers in May-June.

Height: 15cm

Width: 90cm

Bloom Time: May-June

Zone: 4

Features: Deer-Resistant, Drought-Tolerant, Pollinator-Support, Low-Maintenance

Sun Exposure: Part-Sun, Shade

INVASIVE WARNING: Periwinkle now grows wild throughout North America and has few pests or diseases outside it’s native range (Europe). It happily out competes native plants needed in our ecosystem, including in the ravines and forested areas in the GTA. We carry this plant for those that already have it planted on their property, but if you don’t we encourage you to pick a different ground cover.

This product is available in two different flat configurations. You can either purchase 15 plants, each in a 10cm pot. Or you can purchase a "grower's flat", that is 36 smaller plants in the same sized tray.

Please call for pricing and availability.

Because this is an invasive species, we want to make sure that you understand the implications of planting this, and have considered other options.