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Root Rescue Mychorrhizae Transplanter

Root Rescue Transplanter, The All-Natural Plant Starter

Contains 18 species of Mychorrhizae

Size: Packet 4.6g - enough for 4 perennials.

 Mychorrhizal Fungi form a symbiosis with plant roots, naturally increasing the host plant's access to soil water and nutrients - for life. A wettable powder recommended for use on all: Deciduous Trees, Conifers, Shrubs, Evergreens and Perennials.

How to Use:

Here is a great video about this product: Root Rescue Video

For New Plantings: Mix contents with 7.5 litres (2 gallons) of water to make your Transplanter solution. Place the new plant in the prepared planting hole. Drench the root ball with the Transplanter solution. Firm-in and saturate the planting mix with more Transplanter solution.

For Established Plantings: Slowly drench the root zone surrounding the plant with the Tansplanter solution. Repeat until the earth in the root zone is deeply saturated.

Use all of the solution once mixed; do not store as a solution.

Precautions: The product contains tannins which may cause temporary staining of porous surfaces. Such stains will disappear with normal weathering.

Organic or Slow_release commercial fertilizer may be applied with Transplanter. Compost and compost teas are highly compatible, but avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers.


For more information on this product please refer to the Root Rescue Website

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