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Miscanthus sinensis Encore Maiden Grass

Upright clump of dark green leaves which produces large coppery plumes in late summer which fade to tan in the fall. PP29070

Height: 200cm

Width: 100cm

Bloom Time: July-October

Zone: 5

Features: Deer-Resistant, Low-Maintenance

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part-Sun

INVASIVE WARNING: The ever popular Miscanthus sinensis grasses have escaped cultivation and become invasive in pockets in southern Ontario and in Quebec and in 26 of the United States. We encourage you to consider planting a different grass. If you do grow Miscanthus, please remember to deadhead it in the fall to reduce seed distribution. The native alternatives are Bluestem (Adropogon and Schizachyrium) and Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum).

Please Note: Grasses generally have deep roots, and only a small plant can live in a pot. The pictures depict a more mature plant than you will receive.

1 gallon
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