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Imperata cylindrica Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass

Striking upright foliage in shades of red, green and orange. In fall colours intensify before going dormant for winter. Spreads by shallow rhizomes, but is not invasive.

Height: 45cm

Width: 60cm

Bloom Time: n/a

Zone: 6

Features: Deer-Resistant, Drought-Tolerant, Low-Maintenance

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part-Sun

Potential Invasive Warning: Any pure green blades should be removed with the root section, to preserve the plant. This plant spreads by rhizomes. Prune late winter to early spring to make room for new growth."Some states have declared the Japanese blood grass a noxious weed. The species is especially virulent in the landscape. While the red form is technically not invasive, it can easily revert to the green form of the plant, which has been named one of the 10 most invasive weeds in the world."

Please Note: Grasses generally have deep roots, and only a small plant can live in a pot. The pictures depict a more mature plant than you will receive.

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