This is an invasive species. Give us a call for advice on alternatives.

Euonymus fortunei Coloratus Wintercreeper

Wintercreeper Euonymous sports evergreen foliage that turns scarlet in fall. Great for mass planting. Can be aggressive and should not be permitted to escape into natural areas.

Height: 25cm

Width: 90cm

Bloom Time: n/a

Zone: 5

Features: Deer-Resistant, Drought-Tolerant, Low-Maintenance

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part-Sun

INVASIVE WARNING: Euonymus fortunei is on the Credit Valley Conservation Invasive Species list as Category 3: Moderately invasive but can become locally dominant given certain conditions.

A tray is either 15 plants sized 10cm, or 18 plants sized 9cm.

Please call for pricing and availability.

Because this is an invasive species, we want to make sure that you understand the implications of planting this, and have considered other options.