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Carex glauca Blue Zinger Sedge

Blue Sedge has attractive blue-green foliage that forms low arching mounds. Useful as groundcover or for edging. Spreads slowly by rhizomes; drought tolerant once established. Will tolerate full shade, but prefers part shade.

Height: 40cm

Width: 60cm

Bloom Time: July-Aug

Zone: 4

Features: Drought-Tolerant, Low-Maintenance

Sun Exposure: Part-Sun, Shade

INVASIVE WARNING: Carex flacca has recently been discovered to be invasively distributed throughout Ontario, also reported in Quebec, Nova Scotia and the United States. Sedges are an important plant in our ecosystem, and we encourage you to look at some our locals such as Carex pennsyvanica and Carex muskingumensis.

Please Note: Grasses generally have deep roots, and only a small plant can live in a pot. The pictures depict a more mature plant than you will receive.

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