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Campsis radicans Flava Yellow Trumpet Vine

Terminal clusters of waxy, trumpet-shaped, butter-yellow flowers

Long, bean-like, seed pods, 15 cm long, open when ripe

Compound, pinnate, green leaves, 40 cm long

Very aggressive and suckers by underground runners

Clings to surfaces by aerial roots along its branches

Bloom Time: July and sporadically until frost

Flower Size: 8 cm

Is it invasive? This is an extremely aggressive vine, but it is native to Ontario and as so is not considered invasive. (Chaz says, plant at your own risk.)

Growing Tips: Campsis grows best in a moist to average soil, in full sun to partial shade. Flowers best in full sun locations, an excellent foliage plant in full shade. Flowers are produced on new wood, so plant can be pruned in the spring to the desired size. Mature plants have heavy, woody stems and need a strong structure or trellis for support. Zone: 5

Height: Height: 8-10 m

Width: Spread: 1-3 m

Colour: Colour: Yellow

Features: Native

Sun Exposure: Sun, Part-Sun, Shade

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