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Sunny Garden Pack

We created this selection for people who are new to gardening, or don't know what plants to choose, and have a sunny garden space.

It includes a selection of 8 plants, a sachet of Root Rescue, and and instruction sheet to help with planting and care questions. We chose these plants for their hardiness, adaptability and interest in a sunny garden and they have a primary colour palette of Purple, Pink and Yellow.

  • 2 Bumbleblue Sage
  • 2 Kobold Blazing Star
  • 2 Sunny Seduction Yarrow
  • 1 Neon Stonecrop
  • 1 Prairie Speldour Cone Flower

The package of plants is offered at more than 10% off the price of the plants ordered individually.

Please note: the picture of a group of pots does not contain the correct plant choices. Since this is a new package, we just don't have a picture of all those plants together. We added the photo to give you a better idea of what size and quality of plants you'll get. This is an actual order we delivered in 2021 for a client with a sunny garden. I can tell it is later in the season, because the stonecrops and cone flowers are in bloom.


1 gallon
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